Colorful Wedding

In a beautiful Villa in Stresa frenetic preparations are undergoing inside and outside in the garden. Is a bright sunny day, relatives and friends are getting ready in the rooms of the Villa. The church above the lake is the perfect setting for a simple and elegant ceremony in French and Italian. Beautiful colored dresses coming from far away give a touch of ethnic flavor to the all event. The groom has Berber roots and the wind of the desert is blowing through the sound of  Tuareg dances. All is running smoothly and while we say goodbye to the sun a beautiful starry night is approaching. The tables are dressed with elegant candlesticks creating an intimate and warm atmosphere. After dinner the dances are starting again a little break just to get blown by spectacular fireworks, and the party can carry on till late at night. Thank you for this incredible adventure and a special colorful wedding !

tuareg_1 tuareg_2 tuareg_3 tuareg_4 tuareg_5 tuareg_7 tuareg_8 tuareg_9 tuareg_10 tuareg_12 tuareg_13 tuareg_14 tuareg_15 tuareg_16 tuareg_17 tuareg_18 tuareg_19 tuareg_21 tuareg_23 tuareg_24 tuareg_25 tuareg_26 tuareg_27 tuareg_28 tuareg_29 tuareg_30 tuareg_32 tuareg_33 tuareg_34 tuareg_36 tuareg_37 tuareg_39 tuareg_40 tuareg_41

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