Italian Lake Region

A veritable amphitheatre of romance, scenery, art, culture, food and wine is what usually springs to mind when the Italian Lake Region is mentioned. But this is only the starting point of just why this is an idyll for everyone to savour.

It’s one of the most tranquil parts of Italy, with typical mediterranean foliage, and some stunning lakeside formal gardens usually attached to lakeside residences. Castles and ruined Roman villas also predominate, giving the region a historical significance with an unspoilt feel. The watersport activities are well-developed and offer a great cultural alternative to a seaside wedding. The dramatic borders of the lakes are well-serviced by cable cars, funiculars and small railways taking travellers to the many vantage points offering great views. A wedding in the region offers a great taste of italy without vast tourist hoards, in a spectacular setting and for very reasonable prices.

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