V.I.P. Wedding

V.I.P. wedding. chef Matteo Pisciotta from Varese Ristorante  ’Luce’  and Anna have decided to get married at ”home”. Villa Panza , where the Restaurant Luce is located, is in fact the frame for their informal wedding. Food of course has to be one of the protagonist but also fun and a very relaxed atmosphere. Just arrived to the Villa to greet us a few drops of rain, just to give the organizer Valentina Merra  a little fright … but all is fine in the end, it is just a quick shower ! Champagne is served and food keep coming out from the kitchen. A young crowd of waitress (pupils of the couple) are running around in their uniform. The countess Rosa Giovanna Panza widow of the renowned art collector Giuseppe Panza is among the guests. Some beautiful pieces of art are the background of  pictures of the couple in the park. This Villa is for sure an incredible location for refined weddings. A visit to the Art collection can be organized with the help of specialized guides for family and friends. A unique occasion for all your guests to see some of the most famous artists of the 50s and 60s.

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