Wonderful sunset

I like to write about this wedding starting from the bride and groom’s words: ”Francesca Thank you for taking such beautiful photos on our wedding day!! I cannot stop looking at them! They are truly stunning :)”

And truly stunning has been your wedding, thanks to the simplicity and a wonderful sun set that gave us the opportunity for a series of wonderful sunset shots. The day was filled with laughter even during the heartfelt ceremony held by a friend. You two were radiant and everybody had lots of fun. We have realized for you an album that I wish will make you go back to that day every time you open it. This is what I like about my work, having the opportunity of making people live again emotions and sensations of rear power.

album_02 album_03 album_04 album_05 album_06 album_07 album_08 album_09 album_10 album_11 album_12 album_13 album_14 album_15 album_16 album_17 album_18

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